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Gippsland Asphalt Pty Ltd is your reliable asphalt supplier, using accredited mix designs from VicRoads. We service areas from South Gippsland through to the NSW Border.

Gippsland Asphalt's production facility offer's an environmentally friendly plant, with the latest technologies put in place for dust reduction and batch monitoring. We have the latest ticketing system technologies and camera monitoring systems to allow full control from the batching office. 

Gippsland Asphalt have a passion for quality asphalt products, the environment as well as OHS. To compliment our plant we have a state of the art NATA accredited laboratory. All our mixes at VicRoads Accredited and all testing takes place on site. We are also NATA accredited to take, prepare and report, core sample testing. All our staff are highly trained and have a long history in the asphalt industry making our experience beneficial to the customer.

Gippsland Asphalt have a dedicate paving team known as Gippsland Road Maintenance, or GRM for short. Our dedicated team are highly qualified and have many years in the asphalt paving industry, from government contracts, maintenance contracts through to laying quality driveways. Gippsland Asphalt are excited to welcome our new division GRM knowing we can offer the full package, asphalt manufacturing through to laying.

If you would like a no obligation free quote, please call 03 5174 0484